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Uncovering the Earth's Hidden Treasures

Our journey leads us to the Northeast of Granada and the most southerly natural desert in Europe. Declared a GEOPARK by UNESCO in April 2020, the area is affectionately known as “The Andalusian Grand Canyon”.


Whether you are a Geology enthusiast, want to learn more about its connection to our Earth and heritage, or simply want to reconnect with nature, this tour will inspire you to approach this part of Andalusia with a fresh perspective.

We very much look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours!

What Makes the Geopark of Northeast Granada Unique?

Its landscape is one of the least altered by human action on the European continent (with only 20% of the territory developed!), and within it stands out its modelling in badlands, a hallmark of the Geopark.

It has one of the world's best continental stratigraphic records for the Quaternary period, accessible thanks to the valleys of the territory, showing the fascinating history of a former river and lake.

Among this record is one of the most complete sets of paleontological sites of continental vertebrates from the European Quaternary, an environment similar to the present day Serengeti!

It features the oldest human fossil remains in Western Europe, dating back 1.4 million years.

Come with us to this unique quaternary laboratory which is helping us study climate change.

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