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I am excited by the idea of using Ethnogeology to build a sense of community and human connection, to forge links with local community projects and businesses, and to foster interaction between locals and visitors who wish to know another culture.


I want to bring my vision to life, supporting local communities and businesses in a sustainable way, where we examine the source and ground where things have been made or nurtured, focusing on the ancestral use of geological knowledge to make, grow, or build things through time, and therefore forge links to local community projects and businesses, such as making stone tools, planting a vineyard, or building a cave-dwelling.

I combine geology with cultural and industrial heritages and foodie insight, for a uniquely ethnogeological experience of the heritage of Granada. 


During the pandemic I came across a concept around the meaningfulness of being in nature: Timefulness (not the more well-known and trendy Mindfulness). The concept rests on the mindfulness of the earth, instead of the human individual, with the recognition and understanding of Earth-awareness, using the vastness of geological time as its vehicle.


My ethos is that this metaphorical travel between the geological past and present considers how the geology of an area acts as an intimate archive of how our planet has evolved and connects with my passion for promoting and inspiring tourists in ways that foster sustainability and raises awareness of issues such as Climate Change.


Thanks to the Timefulness we will travel back and forth to see how past events are shaping our future, and how to be more (self) aware of climate change. We will look deeply into the natural landscape and its Geology, with a better understanding of self and our relationship to the earth. We will promote and inspire tourists in ways that foster sustainability and raise awareness of issues such as Climate Change. The hidden gem of the Geopark of Granada affords us a unique, outdoor, natural laboratory for this purpose and the healthful benefits of walking and interacting with the living world.

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